Donnersbachwald, Austria

The green heart of Austria

Donnersbachwald, Styria. Lush mountain scenery without masses of tourists. You are a solitary man in a beautiful alpine wonderland, one with nature and the elements. Welcome to the wild!
Donnersbachwald, Austria, Magicplaces
Donnersbachwald, Austria, Alpine Chalet, Magicplaces

I’m just a solitary man…

If you prefer hiking as a solitary, inward looking experience without masses of people – Donnersbachwald is the place to go.

Through trails overgrown with flowers and farn you reach placid and icecold mountainlakes and alpine pastures overgrown with beautiful blossoming mountainflowers.

Occasionally you will pass a alpine chalet and if you are lucky and the owner is home get a “Schnapps” or even a “Brotzeit” sourced from local happy living livestock.


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