Playa el Coyote, Baja California, Mexico

Playa el Coyote, Bahía Concepción, Baja California, Mulege, Mexico

rugged desert mountains and a warm, tranquil sea the perfect combination for a perfect winter destination!


This is as good as it gets, at least beachwise…

Imagine your tent only 2 meters away from a sea sometimes so tranquil it looks like a gigantic mirror. The water temperatures even in Winter a cozy 27°C. So just roll over into the water, swim a few strokes, look into the blue sky above you and dream away…
There’s nothing to do…maybe get some fresh fish, put it on the grill or take a walk to the restaurant down the street for some quesadillas or huevos rancheros.
Last time I’ve been on that beach, a guy was coming once a day with bananas and tortillas. We spent nearly 6 weeks there and never got tired of it.
Don’t like hanging around all day? Climb up one of the mountains and enjoy the full view of the beautiful Bahia Concepcion. BUT watch out for snakes and scorpio …

Where to stay:

in your tent on the beach or in your RV…

or if you want some luxury:

Mar Adentro Cabos


Center map


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