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ETT HEM, Stockholm, Sweden

ETT HEM, Boutiquehotel, Stockholm, Sweden – A Home from Home

Actually the Ett Hem Boutiquehotel in Stockholm is way better than your average home. Cozy fireplaces, well equipped library, great furniture, perfect food and a courtyard garden as wild as it get’s in the citycenter.

Ett Hem Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden, Wintergarden © www.slh.com
Ett Hem Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden,
Ett Hem Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden © www.slh.com
Ett Hem Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden, Bed © www.slh.com
Ett Hem Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden, Bed © www.slh.com
Ett Hem Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden, Suite © www.slh.com
Ett Hem Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden, Entrance © www.slh.com
Ett Hem Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden, Library © www.slh.com

Ett Hem is the friendliest, coziest,loveliest City Hotel one could dream of..

Every little detail is meticulously designed to make you feel good. Situated in a townhouse built in 1910, this Arts and Crafts building is a tranquil home away from home, where functionality meets Scandinavian beauty. A happy house filled with the best collection of furniture, Scandinavian antiques and design.

Twelve rooms offer lucky guests cozy interieurs and bedrooms full of light. The courtyard is a garden of eden, the perfect place to rewind after a stressful day in the city.

Staying at Ett Hem is like being a guest in somebody’s private home. You are welcome to do as you please and at the same time you will be taken care of, down to every last detail. The food is based on using the best fresh food available. The menu is decided upon in the morning, whatever there is available at the moment. Let the chefs surprise you. Ett Hem is there for you to use as if it were your own house, which means that you are welcome to help yourself to a snack or a drink in the kitchen anytime you like. And they have a great selection of champagne and wine. And if you are not lucky enough to stay in one of the fantastic rooms, the restaurant is also open for non residents.

And yes there also is a traditional Swedish sauna a hot stone slab a state-of-the-art gym and you can get a soothing massage to. So as mentioned before, this is better than your home!

What else is there:

a great 9 km forest running track to let of steam


Sköldungagatan 2, SE-114 27 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: + 46 (0)8 20 05 90

Mail: info@etthem.se

Web: www.ettthem.se

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