Lone Pine, California, USA

Lone Pine, California, USA

welcome to the time machine! Lone Pine feels like a real cowboy town, the air is crisp clear and the views of the surrounding snow capped mountains including Mt. Whitney just breathtaking…


California at it’s best.

At the very beautiful U.S Highway 395 lies the very beautiful, little city Lone Pine. A cute little Main Street with little shops, the Bonanza Restaurant with authentic Mexican food – instant love. And above it all the majestic Mt. Whitney with 4418m the highest mountain in the continental U.S. Even in winter there is a big chance of dazzling sun and a huge dose of fresh mountain air. Most of the houses and cars look like the 70ties are still around. And with a little luck you can even spot some cowboys leaving the Bonanza. Actually in the 30s-50s the area around Lone Pine was a popular spot for filming westerns. If you drive out of the city towards Mt. Whitney on the Whitney Portal Road you will see why…

Where to stay:

The Dow Villa Motel is the way to go…Classic American motel style, family owned.

What else is there:

The whole U.S. 395 from Mojave up to Reno is one of the most spectacular drives to take. A breathtaking scenery and lots of nice little cities, from dry hot desert to cold snowy mountains, from the Death Valley to Reno and Lake Tahoe – this is the way to go. Don’t miss Lee Vining at Mono Lake and Mammoth Lakes for skiing. Like most places it is especially nice to be there in the low seasons.


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