Ofterschwanger Horn, Allgäu

Ofterschwanger Horn, Bavaria, Allgäu

The perfect Bench! If you are tired from skiing just have a break and check out the fantastic scenery over the Allgäu Mountains
Allgäu Mountain Scenery from Ofterschwanger Horn
Allgäu Mountain Scenery from Ofterschwanger Horn

Ofterschwanger Horn, skiing in the wonderful Allgäu

sometimes the best place on earth is a wooden bench. Relax from skiing, talk to people that prefer hiking up a mountain with skis instead taking the ski-lift and enjoy the view and the sun. Glorious!

Where to stay:

A nice little holiday apartment also suitable for people with allergies is this one: Ferienwohnung Renate Waibel. In walking distance to the gondola that brings you up the mountain. Also very, very quiet for perfect stress release.

How to get there:

Close to Sonthofen, then to Ofterschwang or Gunzesried where you can take the ski-lift to the Ofterschwanger Horn.


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