Prairie Creek Redwood SP, CA, USA

Oh Redwood tree please let me under…

always trust the words of Van Morrison, be humbled by the giant redwoods in the Prairie Creek Redwood State Park in California, USA. Breathe the oxygen filled air and meander through a forest full of little and big wonders. This is paradise on earth…
Prairie Creek Redwood SP, CA, USA
Prairie Creek Redwood SP, CA, USA, Magicplaces

Redwood Magic at the Prairie Creek Redwood SP, CA

There is nothing more refreshing than spending a couple of days and nights under the shelter of gigantic redwoods. You feel like you are one of the 7 dwarfs.

Everything is out of scale, huge farns, big patches of moss and trees so tall and broad and old one only can get humbled by looking at them.
Sleeping in a tent under these giants you feel very sheltered and close to mother earth.

Smell the humidity of these coastal rainforests, the abundance of life and decay, absorb the all embracing stillness and power of trees just standing there for thousands of years..not wanting just being.

What else is there:

Lots and lots of redwoods, drive on the Avenue of Giants, rest in one of the Roadhouses.


Center map

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