Saxnäs, Lapland, Sweden

Northern Soul in Saxnäs, Lapland, Sweden…

high up in the northern part of Europe lies the wonderful country of Sweden where once Vikings lived and conquered the world. Far north in Lapland where the forest make place to endless tundra you are out in the wild…


Swedish Magic Wonderland!

To be honest I’m not sure if there ever were Indians and Cowboys roaming these absolutely breathtaking landscape but my imagination tells me so.

A great time to visit is the Indian Summer when everything is gold-red and you have the whole area by yourself. Take a hike through everglades of gold and enjoy the infinite view of the fjälls that surround you.

This feels very Alaska and you absolutely forget that you are still in Europe only a day drive away from Gothenborg.

What else is there:

Highly recommended is the Hotel Säxnasgarden and even if you are not staying there you should visit the nice indoor pool and sauna they got.


Center map


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