Schloß Fantaisie, Bavaria, Germany

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Schloss Fantaisie in Eckersdorf, Franconia is a Dream Castle with medieval roots. Close to Bayreuth you can meander through a beautiful Park with century old trees and be greeted by black swans…
Schloß Fantaisie, Garden, Bavaria, Germany, Magicplaces
Schloß Fantaisie, Fountain, Bavaria, Germany, Magicplaces
Schloß Fantaisie, Maze, Bavaria, Germany, Magicplaces
Schloß Fantaisie, Bavaria, Germany, Magicplaces
Schloß Fantaisie, Main Entrance, Bavaria, Germany, Magicplaces

Schloss Fantaisie

is situated ca. 5 km west of Bayreuth, Franconia. The roots of this castle are medieval. In 1763 Fredericka Sophie the only daughter of Frederick, Margrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth inherited the castle and gave it the name Fantaisie.

Schloss Fantaisie is since 2000 the first German Garden Museum. So much for the facts …

When you enter the main gate you are greeted by breathtaking, colorful blooming rhododendron, lining the castle walls. The whole park is a beautiful arrangement of century old trees, mazes, fountains, little lakes, tea-pavilions, and lush forests with farn and moss – a true fantasy landscape like out of a picture book.

We were even greeted by a family of black swans and a beautiful little fire salamander. Feel like a king …

There is a nice little café inside the building which serves well enough cappuccino, even with lactose free milk, and nice cakes.

Opening hours:

April – September: 9 – 18
October 1. – 15.: 10 – 16
Closed on Mondays


Bayreuther Straße 2
95488 Eckersdorf/Donndorf

Center map

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