Serifos, Cyclades, Greece

Jiá su! Serifos.

Serifos a beautiful laid back greek island in the Cyclades. Enjoy the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea on quiet, never to crowded beaches. Have delicious fresh fish in on of the typical greek restaurants.
Serifos, Chora, Magicplaces, Greece
Serifos, Harbour, Magicplaces, Greece
Serifos, Cyclades, Magicplaces, Greece
Serifos, Cyclades, Beach, Magicplaces, Greece


The mystical greek island Serifos, home to one of the greatest greek heroes and slayer of monsters Perseus who if you believe greek mythology beheaded the Gorgon Medusa and saved Andromeda from the sea monster Cetus.

Nowadays that beautiful island in the Cyclades located about 170 km from Piraeus lies very peaceful in the Aegean Sea. Only a couple of restaurants and some nice traditional holiday-homes and hotels make it a super relaxed and laid back destination for travelers that prefer quiet beautiful beaches over crowded party life …

Once the ferry leaves the island all there is to do is enjoying the wonderful beaches or talking a hike to the medieval Chora on top of the hill with its white buildings and castle. Time stands still …

Where to stay:

For small budget nice studios close to the harbor: Studios Niovi
A bit more exclusive between harbor and Chora: Hotel Rizes


By plane to Athens, then by cab or bus to the buzzing harbor town Piraeus and from there by ferry.

Center map

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