Therme Vals, Switzerland

Therme Vals, Graubünden, Switzerland

the perfect Spa from the Architect Peter Zumthor a minimalist dream and a timeless beauty.


Therme Vals the most extraordinary thermal spa you might ever see..

60000 stone slabs of Valser Quartzite carried from only 2 km away were used to built this truly archaic monument of a spa. Different pools with different water temperatures from 14°C in the Ice Pool to 42°C in the Fire Pool awake all your senses.

You can also relax in a magnificent Flower Pool or dream away on Sweat Stones and in a room with Sounding Stones (I once felt asleep there for like 2 hours on a cozy leathercouch …). This is as close as you can get to a natural hot spring in the wild. Maybe even better –  considering the breathtaking Architecture of Peter Zumthor.

Everything fits, nothing is artificial everything from showers to wardrobes is genuine and heavy. No plastic signs, no cheap plastic chairs affect your bathing experience. You feel one with nature and maybe one with yourself.

I highly recommend to stay in the Therme Hotel because for one the breakfast is bio great and as a hotel guest you are allowed to enter the bath from 7 am in the morning, whereas normal guests can start at 2 pm. The Hotel has rooms in different buildings some newly renovated and pricey others moderate but very sixtyish and cool. Try to come off holiday seasons because it can get crowded and less is more in case of visitors there.

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Therme Vals

What else is there:

There is a nice hike to the reservoir lake above the village embedded in a beautiful mountain scenery with spectacular green water and grey stone.


Center map


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