Tristan, Naturkundemuseum, Berlin

Tristan Otto, T-Rex, Naturkundemuseum, Berlin…the wild one!

Tristan Otto is the only original skeleton of a T. rex in Europe to date. The twelve- metre-long and four-metre-high deep black skeleton of the predatory dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous period was found in 2010 in the Hell Creek Formation in Montana, USA. It is among the best-preserved Tyrannosaurus rex specimens worldwide.
Tristan Otto, T-Rex, Naturkundemuseum Berlin, Magicplaces
Tristan Otto, T-Rex, Naturkundemuseum Berlin, Magicplaces
Tristan Otto, T-Rex, Naturkundemuseum Berlin, Magicplaces

The perfect Predator all in black!

Tyrannosaurus Rex Tristan Otto in all it’s horrifying beauty at the Naturkundemuseum, Berlin. This beauty of a beast buried around 66 Million years in Montana, USA can now be visited and stunned at in all it’s glory. Discovered in 2010 it took his finder Craig Pfister nearly two years to excavate 170 Bones which makes it a rarity among Tyrannosaurus findings. His sheer size is amazing and one can only wonder about the miracle of nature creating such impressive beings that look like out of a HR Giger sketch book. Aliens alive!

The whole installation is greatly designed from the base with it’s deconstructive feel to glass panels functioning as beamer displays for additional information.

The whole thing looks very alive and is a beautiful reminder of how small and insignificant mankind is in comparison to the size and the lifespan of this impressive creatures.

What else is there:

The Naturkundemuseum, Berlin is full of wonders to be explored, from the beautiful Archaeopteryx the most famous fossil in the world to great glass displays with all kind of extinct animals and a huge collection of beautiful stones.

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