Yxlan, Sweden

Call of the North, Yxlan, Norrtälje, Stockholms län, Sweden

Yxlan around one and a half our from Stockholm is the perfect perfect location if you want to flee the masses on new years eve.
Yxlan, Norrtälje, Sweden, Magicplaces
Yxlan, Norrtälje, Sweden, Magicplaces
Yxlan, Norrtälje, Sweden, Magicplaces
Yxlan, Norrtälje, Sweden, Magicplaces
Yxlan, Norrtälje, Sweden, Magicplaces
Yxlan, Norrtälje, Sweden, Magicplaces

Yxlan, Norrtälje, Sweden Skerry Islands close to Stockholm

also this is only a breathtakingly beautiful 1,5 hour drive from quirky Stockholm you will feel like thousand miles away from civilization.

Little houses huddle together on a rocky island with lots of forest for long strolls. Only one paved road crosses Yxlan so there is not much traffic and it is very calm, with the exception of the huge Finnland Ferries that pass the island like floating giant high rise buildings. Otherwise there is not much going on there is a little harbour and a little kiosk at the ferry station that has basic food and stationaries. For more shopping, coffee or dinner you should go to Norrtälje a nice 40 min drive away. Just watch out for Elks at dawn…

Where to stay

best with friends, or in one of the many holiday rentals. Gets crowded over holidays…


from Norrtälje to Furusund then by Ferry. Ferry is free and only a one minute ride. In daytime every half hour.

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